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Solar Racks™ is a privately owned company - owned and operated by John Davis. John has more than five years of experience installing Photovoltaic systems in and around Humboldt County, California and is actively involved in promoting alternative energy.

Advantages to the Solar Racks™ system:

 Solar Racks work with any thickness of panel.

 Solar Racks are designed for both horizontal and vertical layout and attach into the roof supports without any special equipment or alterations.

 Custom flashings are provided to insure water is diverted around any roof penetrations.

 Solar Rack roof attachments have higher butyl content for better adhesive and sealing ability.

 We choose to make our product out of Stainless steel and aluminum to extend the life expectancy of solar racks, instead of making a product out of steel which will soon corrode. The thickness of all Solar Racks aluminum parts have been designed to extend the life of our product far beyond common hardware.

 Low profile rails will increase air flow under the solar modules which lowers the operating temperature and increases power production.

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